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Cathing them Young

Tertiary Hub Clubs

“Students are still curious about everything in the world, and because we are not yet in industry, we believe that everything is possible. We just have ideas but do not have resources to implement them and we need organisations and stakeholders who give us room to invent and develop the economy. Innovators Hub Club (IHC) helps students from all divisions to implement their dreams in a practical way beyond the theory taught in schools ’’ - Nozithelo Ngwenya (Herentals College)


Let's make the money

From the Classroom to the Boardroom

January , 2019

From the Classroom to the Boardroom

Pitch Training

Grooming and Ettiquette

Business Language

Business Seminar

Let's make the money

February , 2019

Let's make the money

Business Model Canvas

Financial Literacy

Project Viability and sustainability

Financial Assistance Seminar

Meet My Mentor!

March , 2019

Meet My Mentor!

Project related Industry Visits

Ideal Project Implementation

Identification of partners in Industry

Pitch Deck 1

April , 2019

Pitch Deck 1

Presentation of first Quarter projects

Reviews and Recommendations

Preparation of Summit Projects