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Our Founder

Sicelo Dube

Innovators Hub Club's (IHC) main goal is to accelerate students Start up resulting in job creation and economic growth. This Club is for High Schools and University Students. Her Masters in Science dissertation entitled “Isolation and characterization of novel enzymes from fat contaminated water” was an eye opener on the possibility of IHC accelerating the commercialization of students projects contributing to SDG: Innovation and Infrastructure Development and this will fuel Industrialization and Job creation and economic growth of our Zimbabwe.

“All we need to change the face of Africa are more graduates from STEM related fields who are innovative, enterprising and passionate about solving problems in their communities through scientific research and development-young leaders who are upright and driven to make a change”

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Who are we?

IHC is an initiative under Elevate Trust which focuses on creating an innovative start-up ecosystem for the youth. It also focuses on creating a nurturing platform that cultivates the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the community. The gap between education sector and industry is the main demotivating factor in todays’ youth and since economic development leans on innovation and entrepreneurship within the youth. Closing this gap can be the key to unlocking the value we have as a nation deposited within the youth (our youth). The club is customized for all, the youth in general, the tertiary Institutions and High Schools. For each level the curriculums are designed under a common goal, nurturing the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Industries and companies partner with this club in support of innovation, especially with Innovation Challenges.


Elevate Trust is a youth leadership and capacity building foundation that facilitates youth development in innovation, entrepreneurship and career development. There are three (3) flagships under Elevate Trust, The IHC (Innovators Hub Club), STEMfem Network and SciTechInch (Incubator Lab). Supporting youth in science with a gender bias towards girls in an effort to attain gender parity in the industry. The IHC initiative under Elevate Trust is focuses on developing the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. The basics are, a club is established and there is registration of club members, a committee is formed to address the immediate issues of the club, a curriculum is handed to the committee to walk the club through the basics and then finally move onto innovation and idea development. Occasionally, the IHC holds Innovations Challenges to give all the innovators in the community a chance to be herd and prove their worth.

Main activities

• Mentorship programs
• Leadership training courses
• Industrial visits and job shadowing
• Seminars and Networking workshops
• Innovation challenges and Award Ceremonies
• Boot Camps and Career day
• Club meetings